Enterprise Rideshare is designed to be easy for riders and employers, so learn more by exploring the frequently asked questions in these categories:

Vanpool Basics 
The Vehicle 
Vanpool Costs and Savings 
Planning for the Unexpected 




Why vanpool instead of commuting in my own car?





What kind of vehicle do I get?


How is the monthly fare collected?


Where do we board the van?


Who drives?


For Drivers under the age of 25 in Michigan and New York, additional surcharges and limits on available vehicle makes and models may apply. Contact for more information on costs and vehicle limitations. 


How do I get started?




Do I have to lease or buy the vehicle?


How is maintenance handled?


What about fuel?


Where does the van get parked at night?


Can the drivers use the van for personal use?




How much does it cost?




What does the price include – Enterprise Difference


Are there any subsidies available?


Are there special tax incentives?




What happens if I vanpool to work and have to leave early or stay late?



What happens if we breakdown?


What happens if the van gets into an accident?


What happens if I lose a rider?


Most vans designate two to four drivers to share driving duties. All drivers must submit an application and are subject to approval prior to driving. All drivers must be 25 years or older (18 years or older in Michigan or New York) and meet minimum driver requirements. As part of the Enterprise Rideshare driver application process, each driver's MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) is checked annually to ensure that it is in compliance with our policies. To view our policies, click here.Only appro
How long of a commitment do I have to make to a vanpool?
Enterprise vanpools are set up on a simple month-to-month basis. If you decide at any point that you would like to discontinue the vanpool, simply turn in a 30-day notice and return the van at the end of that time period.
How do I get started?
Simply call 800 VAN-4-WORK and speak to a customer service representative. The process typically takes less than a week.