Trip Recording (NTD) 
Record your trip details for your Vanpool





What is the National Transit Database?


What is the deadline to submit my trip recording on the Enterprise Rideshare site?


How often should I record my trips?


What do I enter in the Fuel Expenses field?


What do I enter in the Fuel Gallons field?


What do I enter in the Odometer field?


What are NTD trip recording Other Expenses?


Can I edit my submitted trip recording?


Where is my NTD Trip Recording?


How accurate does my trip recording need to be?


Why can I not review my prior recorded trip data?


Why does my trip recording data contain a red underline?


Why are there red arrows in my trip recording?


What trip details do I need to record?


  • [ R ]  Rider completed a round-trip
  • [ W ]  Rider only completed a work-bound trip
  • [ H ]  Rider only completed a homebound trip
  • [     ]  Leave the field empty if a rider did not commute


How do I edit my trip recording?


How does Enterprise Rideshare provide NTD my trip recording data?


What trip recording data am I required to provide?



How do I record trips for workplace holidays?


How do I record extensive travel delays?