Help With One Time Payments 
Pay your vanpool bill online now





How do I make a One-Time Payment?


  • 1.   Select PAYMENT from the main menu
  • 2.   Click on ONE-TIME PAYMENT from the side menu
  • 3.   Enter the amount you owe, and hit CONTINUE
  • 4.   Choose your preferred payment method. You can select a saved method or enter a new credit, debit or TIP card
  • 5.   Once you’ve selected an option, hit PAY



What type of cards are accepted for One-Time Payments?


Can I use my TIP card for a One-Time Payment?


Can I have my payment withdrawn directly from my bank account?


Who do I contact if I have a question about past payments?


Where can I find my vanpool ID?


What is listed in the “My Online Payment History” section?


Can I see what other participants in my vanpool have paid in the “My Online Payment History” section?


How do I save a card for future One-Time Payments?


How do I use a Saved Payment to complete a One-Time Payment?


How do I modify or delete a Saved Payment for a One-Time Payment?


Will I get a receipt after I complete a One-Time Payment?


Can I select what invoice my One-Time Payment is applied to?


When is my vanpool payment due?