Recurring Payment

Schedule Recurring Payments





How do I schedule a Recurring Payment?


  • 1.   Select PAYMENT from the main menu
  • 2.   Click on RECURRING PAYMENT from the side menu
  • 3.   Create a nickname for your payment In the Payment Name section
  • 4.   Enter the payment amount and hit CONTINUE
  • 5.   Enter your credit, debit or TIP card details and hit SCHEDULE PAYMENT


Note: you can not choose the date on which the card will be charged. Personal cards will be charged on the first of the month. TIP cards will be charged based on the program’s funding schedule.


What type of cards are accepted for Recurring Payments?


Can I use my TIP card for a Recurring Payment?


Can I have my recurring payment withdrawn directly from my bank account?


How do I find previous Recurring Payments?


vRide Customers: when your vanpool is activated with Enterprise Rideshare, any recurring payment you had scheduled with vRide will be canceled to avoid duplicate billing. Please follow the directions provided in emails and invoice stuffers.



Where can I find my vanpool ID?


Can I select or edit the date to charge my card for a Recurring Payment?


If I schedule a Recurring Payment, when will my card be charged?


When will my Recurring Payment end?


What is a Recurring Payment Name?


How do I cancel my Recurring Payment?


How do I modify my existing Recurring Payment?


Will I be notified before my Recurring Payment processes?


Will I get a receipt after my Recurring Payment processes?


Can I select what invoice my Recurring Payment is applied to?


What happens if my Recurring Payment is declined?