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When You Lead the Way, Employees Come Together


With Enterprise Rideshare, you make a difference in the lives of your employees, increase productivity, ease the stress of office relocation and benefit the world around you – all at no cost to the employer or with savings when you take advantage of tax code 132f.



How Enterprise Rideshare Works


1. Enterprise Rideshare identifies potential vanpool candidates and maps ideal routes.
2. A group of 4-15 coworkers who live near one another form a vanpool.
3. Each morning, they meet at a central location and board a newer model van or SUV.
4. They use the HOV lane to get to work, saving a minute per mile.
5. At the end of the day, they ride together back to the meeting point.
6. A few people share the driving responsibilities, rotating daily or weekly.
7. You get to celebrate the difference you’re making – dollars saved, commuter miles eliminated, emissions reduced and parking spaces freed up – with quarterly impact reports.


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Corporate Employers

Discover the no-cost benefit with potential tax savings for you and your employees.

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Federal Employers

Help employees take advantage of up to $260 in funding with the Transit Benefit Program.

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Transit Agencies
Maximize transit funding and expand transit reach with flexible partnership options.

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