Corporate Employer Benefits

How Will Enterprise Rideshare Benefit Your Company?

Discover a Zero-Cost Benefit that Relieves Parking Demands and Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Zero-Cost and Easy to Administer

Typically funded by payroll deductions and public subsidies, it’s low or no-cost to you and provides big benefits to employees.


Decrease Payroll Taxes

Through IRS Code 132(f), employers can provide a pre-tax benefit toward the costs of vanpooling, reducing taxable income for employees and lowering FICA payroll taxes for your company. Essentially, your company and your employees can receive tax deductions for commuting to work!


Reduce Demand for Parking Spaces

Every vanpool eliminates the need for three to 14 parking spaces, making it a parking solution that also helps reduce corporate campus congestion and infrastructure costs.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

Vanpooling dramatically reduces carbon emissions by taking cars off the road and drastically reducing commuter miles driven by your employees. To offer a completely carbon neutral program, you can purchase carbon offsets from groups like TerraPass for each vanpool.


Reporting and Tracking

Our Quarterly Impact reports will help you celebrate the difference you’re making by detailing dollars saved, commuter miles eliminated, emissions reduced and parking spaces freed up.


A Recruiting and Retention Benefit

You’ll boost employee satisfaction and productivity by improving their day-to-day lives. With newer model vehicles and luxury upgrades, they’ll often be commuting in a van or SUV nicer than their personal vehicles.


Ease the Stress of Office Relocation

Enterprise Rideshare can help ease the burdens of a new and potentially longer distance commute by helping employees create a better routine that actually saves them money.


Set the Standard for Corporate Citizenship

Lead the way in your community and industry by reducing congestion, eliminating carbon emissions and helping improve the world around you.


Backed by Enterprise

Because Enterprise Rideshare is backed by Enterprise Rent-A-Car, your employees will have a local point of contact, included regular maintenance and roadside assistance.





Ready for a Better Commute?

Get in touch with a dedicated Enterprise Rideshare representative who can tailor a vanpool program for your community.


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