A Smarter Way for People in Seattle to Commute to Work



Enterprise Rideshare is smarter than driving alone and better than a typical carpool. When you come together, you make a difference in your own life, the lives of your coworkers and the world around you.



What is Rideshare?




How Enterprise Rideshare Vanpooling Works


  1. A group of 4-15 coworkers who live near one another form a vanpool.


  2. Each morning, they meet at a central location and board a newer model van or SUV.


  3. They use the HOV lane to get to work, saving a minute per mile.


  4. At the end of the day, they ride together back to the meeting point.


  5. A few people share the driving responsibilities, rotating daily or weekly.


How Does Enterprise Rideshare Improve Commutes in Seattle?


When come together with Enterprise Rideshare, you will transform your Seattle area commute.


●    You spend less. Enterprise Rideshare can help cut commuting costs by up to 80% – which can be significant considering driving alone can cost an average of $1,000 per month and $10,000 a year.*


●     You gain quality time, because when you’re not driving, you can spend that time reading, binge-watching shows and spending it how you want.


●    You reduce stress. Imagine the relief of not having to fight the daily grind of traffic.


●    You ride in comfort in SUVs and vans likely even nicer and newer than your own.


●    You have flexibility. Whether it’s a looming project deadline or an unforeseen emergency, the Guaranteed Ride Home program allows for last-minute changes in schedule.


●    You reduce your carbon footprint, reduce congestion and limit wear and tear on infrastructure by taking cars off the road.



*Based on AAA average commuting costs. Costs may vary by location.


Ready for a Better Commute?

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