Transit Agency Benefits

How Will Enterprise Rideshare Improve Your Local Transit?

Maximize Transit Funding and Expand Transit Reach with a Truly Turnkey Solution



Maximize Your Funding

Enterprise Rideshare vanpools are the most efficient mode of public transit,* so you can stretch your current budget further, limiting capital expenditures while maximizing funding opportunities, such as 5307 or STIC. As a result of National Transit Database grants, Enterprise Rideshare vanpools are often revenue positive programs for Transit Authorities, generating funding that can be reinvested in other programs.


Expand Your System’s Reach

Because vanpools can operate on any schedule, across long commutes and in less densely populated areas, you will serve members of the community not reached by traditional transit modes. Vanpools are an incredibly efficient and flexible solution for suburb-to-suburb trips, as well as serving low-density office markets and outlying communities.


Easy to Administer

With administrative tasks like rider payment processing and NTD reporting made simple through online tools, Enterprise Rideshare is easy to manage for your organization and provides big benefits to your community.


Carbon Footprint Reduction

Vanpooling dramatically reduces carbon emissions by taking cars off the road and drastically reducing commuter miles driven by your employees. To offer a completely carbon neutral program, you can purchase carbon offsets from groups like TerraPass for each vanpool.



Reporting and Tracking

Our Quarterly Impact reports will help you celebrate the difference you’re making by detailing dollars saved, commuter miles eliminated, and emissions reduced.



Backed by Enterprise

From marketing, to fleet management, to NTD reporting, working with Enterprise means having a turnkey solution backed by over 40 years of experience managing and growing commuter vanpool programs. It also means a local point-of-contact, top-notch maintenance and roadside assistance, along with an industry-leading selection of newer model vehicles, including vans, SUVs and crossovers in a range of sizes.


*Based on operating cost per passenger mile





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